In Depth IVR and End to End Call Analytics with Results Available Immediately!

Caller Experience Starts the Instant You Answer the Phone...Not Just When You Reach an Agent.

SOUND ANALYTICS: A Single Solution for Managing the Customer Experience
in the End-to-End Call

Most call center customer experience efforts are focused on agent interactions, yet a customers’ first impression is often the Voice Self-Service solution. How often do agents have to make up for frustrations caused by the IVR as they try to achieve that WOW customer experience?

Sound Analytics provides in-depth Voice Self-Service analytics across the entire end-to-end call and, as an option, sophisticated Avaya Speech Analytics for mining the agent-caller portions of conversations. The solution focuses managers, analysts and engineers on opportunities with the largest impact on excess agent costs and customer frustration.

Sound Analytics is offered as a fully managed service under an SaaS pricing model. It is available in several configurations:

  • On-Premise: For organizations who need very high processing power, handling tens of thousands or more calls a day, and those who require highly secure ‘behind the firewall’ configurations
  • Hosted: For organizations which only need to process moderate call volumes, the hosted option provides an easy, ‘no-impact’ solution.

Sound Analytics links Voice Self-Service performance with the consequent agent interaction to provide a complete view of the End-to-End Caller Experience to provide the greatest possible experience while reducing the operations cost of serve your customers. Customers can expect to realize a Return on Investment of well over 500%.